Adventures in Zambia – Sunday

Today has been a day of adventure! A few members of our group woke up early to watch the sunrise while the rest of us slept. We are at the same lodge we stayed at last year – and it is good to be back! 

We went to church this morning and were given quite the amazing welcome! The different age groups and choir groups of the church performed musical pieces for us, we listened to the pastor teach on excellence in serving, and we even saw a dance group!  A few members of our team even got baton twirling lessons – though we haven’t mastered it yet. After church, we all filed out of the sanctuary and found ourselves in an ever growing handshake line – shake everyone’s hand until you reach the end of the line, then shake everyone’s hand that passes you. I’ve never shaken so many hands in a row in my life and it was a really cool experience!

One thing I love about our group is that we are all about games. We had three different card games going at the lunch table today.  Our lunch came to s spicy finale with both Drew and Lindsay eating jalapeño peppers and shedding a few tears. 

Tonight, we will be learning more about The area we are in, the church we are visiting, and what we will be doing. 

In the meantime, we are celebrating big time. Three bags that didn’t make it with us initially!!!! Now we are officially all here! 

Let the adventures continue!

Colby, Lindsay, and Corel at church

Colby at lunch

We got our bags!!!

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