Adventures in Zambia 2.0 – Monday

Outdoor Painting Crew!

Our first day of work has been a success! Not only did we accomplish much, but more importantly, we met many amazing people and had a lot of fun while we were at it!

The day began at the Apostolic Christian Church began with a meeting. We were greeted warmly by the 50-60 students who sang us a welcome song, then listened ever so patiently while we learned more about the church and school’s history. 
Pastor Francis told us that the church mission they are a part of has roots that reach back to the Azuza revival of the 1990’s! I had no idea how far the work of God from that era spread! 

Ever since Pastor Francis and his wife were given their roles at this church, their heart has been passionate towards doing all they can to spread the good work of God and doing what they can to meet needs of those in their community. 

One major way they are making a difference is through the community school they host on their church grounds. The children that attend are either orphans or vulnerable children from within a 3 kilometer area. They’ve been building the school program since 2011, and have three teachers. 

Indoor Painters!

We are able to come alongside this vision through painting two of the classrooms and the outside of the school. Today, we painted base coats on all the walls! Tomorrow, we will put on the gloss finish coats. 

One thing I loved about today was how quickly the team jumped into whatever was in front of them. When there were breaks in the action, songs would burst out of a corner – new games were being shared – and friendships were being forged. At one point, an unplugged mic was brought out and karaoke happened. There were numerous foot races and dance circles that emerged, as well as a mini art class in the dirt with charcoal. 

Dance Lessons!

Drawing Lessons

Dance Circle!

Last night, we had a really meaningful debrief time. I’m so proud of how the students are choosing to engage with what they are seeing. We are using the phrase, “It’s not wrong, it’s just different,” quite a lot. Though life is done in a different fashion here in Zambia, it isn’t wrong. It’s simply another way. 

We will be eating dinner shortly, having our team debrief, and then playing games pretty late into the night. This team sure knows how to do life together. It’s beautiful. 

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