Adventures in Zambia 2.0 – Tuesday

Today has been very similar to yesterday so far in a work sense – we have continued painting, finishing up the outer walls and classrooms. Today we did the final oil paint coats, which proved to be a bit of a sticky mess at times. 

A few quick stories from the day:

Before lunch, Jaid was recruited to help in the kitchen. She was taught how to prepare nshima, one of the food staples here, and was able to help serve food to the orphans from the school. She did an amazing job of learning new things, jumping right in, and learning more about our Zambian friends!

At one point, I heard singing coming from the kitchen. I walked over to the outer window and watched as Olivia was diving right into learning a Zambian song. As she learned, some of the older women who were there dos their best to help her understand, then would tell her it was her turn to sing. I’m learning first hand that learning the language is not an easy task. It is so hard to figure out where one word starts and another ends. Olivia did a great job of jumping in with both feet, and connecting with some of the women from the church. 

On the kid/game front, Drew was a favorite with the kids today, as he brought out a tennis ball and frisbee. The kids were such quick learners! Some of the female students from our team had a really awesome cross cultural experience as well. They taught some of the kids how to play duck duck goose, then were in turn taught a similar game from Zambia. They had so much fun!

Tomorrow is going to be an amazing day. We will get to hang out with some of the area youth, learn more about them, how we are all similar, and we will get to play some volleyball with them!

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