Adventures in Zambia 2.0 – Friday

Yesterday was amazing. We went on a game drive at a game reserve called Chaminuka. While there, we saw absolutely amazing animals – an elephant, giraffe, ostriches, water buffalo, zebra, baby lions (in an enclosure), and cheetahs (also in an enclosure). It was such an adventure!

We ate lunch at the lodge, went on a boat ride of their man made lake, then began what will go down as one of the most epic non-serving moments for our team on the trip. We had a riff off. 

(For those of you who have seen pitch perfect, you know what I’m talking about – someone starts with a theme, and a song that matches that theme. Other teams are listening for words that match other songs, then they interrupt and sing their song. It goes until someone can’t think of another song.)

We aren’t the most melodious group, but we sure know how to make a joyful noise! A guest on the property named Dorcas even joined us and lended some amazing vocal chops to our group! 

Today, we are packing up and preparing to head home. It’s been an amazing trip. This team is beautiful in so many ways – we have learned to listen well, ask engaging questions, seek to understand, get work done, and have amazing fun at all times. It’s going to be tough to part ways. But the good news is that we are still family. And family doesn’t end here. 

Adventure is out there!

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