I remember as a kid getting frustrated when my parents caught me doing things I thought I was being sneaky doing. For example – I’d hit a “creative” moment and want to cause trouble. My mom would look at me and say, “Joy. You’re about to do _____, ______, and _______. My sister did that, and you’re not going to get away with it.” I was flabbergasted. How on earth did someone know the idea that was going on in my head? Yet, it was true. Mom knew what I was going to do.

The one that baffled me the most was how my parents always caught me reading after bedtime. I’d wait until I felt like I’d waited long enough (that was probably part of my problem), grab a good book, then hunker down on the floor next to the night light and begin reading. Somehow, some way, mom and dad knew. Their spidey-parent senses alerted them to my out-of-bed-ness, and they’d come within 5-15 minutes of me laying down to read on the floor.

Two things come to mind.
1. Mom and dad – how did you do it?
2. I hope that I’m that spidey-sensing when I’m a parent. That is all.

  1. I love it!! I’m trying to hone my senses on the girls. I hope I can be as sharp as mom was. 😀and you wouldn’t believe the number of times I’ve looked at the girls and said “I know what you’re thinking. My sister did that and you’re not going to get away with it.” Poor kids. They don’t have much of a chance!! lol
    Janine Wetzel


  2. An occasional giggle or laugh from the story adventures seemed to help Mom and Dad be aware of their “surroundings”!! You have that sense and will make a great parent. Have fun anticipating your harvest of seeds sown!!😀 Love you! Dad


  3. Joy, you are a hoot! Thanks for the laugh! I don’t know how I knew. I think some nights you had a small flashlight or a small reading reading light and I could see the light in the crack under the door. Parents really do have eyes in the back of their heads though! I was always secretly happy that you loved reading that much. It was a proud homeschool Mom thing. Actually, it was hard to walk into your room and tell you to go to sleep. It was a conflict between loving the fact that you liked reading so much and knowing that you would be a grump the next day because you didn’t get enough sleep. Many hugs to my bookworm. Love you so much!



  4. Joy, Wonderful post! I know that part of the wonder of children is their innocence. It is that innocence which, in some cases, render them transparent to the observant parent. You know you had good parents by the connection they demonstrate in reading you. Count it all…Joy!


    1. Good word!! I am both looking forward to and not looking forward to watching my non-observant children as they explore their world. It’ll bring it’s own challenges as I know I did as a kid!


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