Some people have major aversions to texture. For example, my aunt doesn’t like peas. She says they remind her of exploding puss balls. While I can see her perspective, peas still maintain one of the top spots on my vegetables of choice list. One of the food items I can’t handle chewing is eggshells. Yes – I know that you’re not supposed to eat them. But there are at least a few times in life where an eggshell goes rogue and sneaks into whatever food is being served. And when that happens, it ends up on my plate, in my mouth, and then the fateful moment comes. The high-pitched crunch that I can hear inside my whole head as it makes its trek from the grinding of my teeth to my eardrum (see why I hate it?).

The first time I remember it happening was by a completely honest mistake. My sister, who was and still is an amazing cook/baker, decided to go above and beyond to make us a coffee cake for breakfast. It wasn’t just any coffee cake, it was a tried and true recipe taken straight from the pages of an American Girl Doll recipe book (Kirsten-era if I am not mistaken). The one catch was that my sister missed a few eggshells when she was putting it all together. That day, we learned a valuable lesson. Coffee cake is amazing…without eggshells.

  1. That’s funny because I remember it being a problem with baking soda vs baking powder not with eggshells!! Lol

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