counting. (is that weird?)

I sometimes have those “oh wait…you don’t do that?” moments. One of them came in the course of a normal conversation with a friend when we were talking about how we prepare for the day. I mentioned that I lay out my clothes the night before. Then when I grab my clothes to take to the bathroom in the morning, I count to make sure I have the correct number of pieces. It’s 6 in the summer and 7 the rest of the year (or when I wear socks). Apparently that isn’t normal.
I also count steps. Not like “I took 1500 steps in the past 2 hours” counting steps. But I count how many steps are in a staircase. In my house growing up, there were 4 steps to the landing, then 11 going up to the 2nd floor. Going down to the basement was 12 steps. Do I consciously count every time? Not so much, but I count enough that I get the rhythm down so that in case of emergency, I won’t skip a step….because I prepare for emergencies that may never happen. So there’s that.

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