face cookies.

AuntSharon1This post is dedicated to my Aunt, who never ceases to bring fresh perspective and fun to everyday experiences. May this day bring you happiness, celebration, and love. Because you’re worth it. Happiest of birthdays!

One weekend when Haddie was a pretty new baby, our families came together in a way that hasn’t happened in quite a while. It was a huge milestone birthday for Grandma Bork. My parents drove up to central Illinois with Janine and Haddie from Kansas, and I came down with the Swing family from Chicago. It was quite the celebration! There was amazing food, the full Bork family was in attendance, and together, we filled the gathering hall at the Presbyterian church.

One thing I love doing nowadays is noticing differences – and holding them up for what they are. Neither good nor bad. Just observing what already is. This merging together of both sides of my family provided an awesome observation period. The Bork family tends to fall on the quieter, more introverted side of the spectrum, while the Swing/Wells family lands more on the extroverted, loud side. Again – neither is wrong or right. Simply different. An interesting concoction was created when these two dynamics came together that day.

TongueTattooGrandmaAs a part of celebrating Grandma Bork, a large order of cookies was brought in, with some of her professional headshots on the top. Aunt Sharon had come upon the knowledge that the paper that these pictures were printed on could be peeled off and the ink could be re-purposed. Next thing I knew, I had volunteered my tongue for said re-purposing.

This is where the contrast of preferred mode of family operation came back into play. Here we are, sitting in the corner of the gathering hall, laughing as quietly as we could while ink transferred to my tongue. Even though we were being as quiet as possible, it still felt louder than the average decibel level of conversation in the room.

TongueTattooThe good and bad news: Good news: the ink transfer worked. I now had Grandma Bork on my tongue. Bad news: our laughter grew a little louder than we had hoped. But we got it under control, and this experience has since gone down in family history as unforgettable. 

Since that day, Aunt Sharon has made a bold proclamation, inspired by the uncontrollable joy created in the corner of that gathering hall. Someday when we celebrate her life, there must be face cookies involved. Because there’s nothing quite like having your face ink transferred to someone’s tongue in the midst of the beauty of laughter.

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