unexpected sinus relief.

I was one of those kids that had “things” that I couldn’t travel or sleep without. Mine came in the form of my blankie and a stuffed animal named Brown Bear. I loved the literal stuffing out of that bear. I left him at a hotel once and I remember not sleeping quite as well those few days in-between leaving him behind and when the hotel graciously sent him back to me.

The one obscure bonus of brown bear is that I somehow figured out an additional purpose for him.

(Disclaimer: I was really young. I didn’t realize it was weird.)

His tag somehow had sinus relief properties. If I woke up with a snotty nose in the middle of the night, I’d stuff his tag (ya know…the tag that all stuffed animals have) up my snotty nostril and when I woke up next, it was all better. Some would say it’s a miracle. I just say it’s my Brown Bear.


  1. Hysterical and adorable. Let’s just call it hystorable. 😍
    I read a few of the others and tried to “like,” but my anti-gifting in regard to technology kept me from doing so.
    Keep writing… 💝


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