just like that.

A group of us were sitting on the Swing’s front porch enjoying a warm, quiet summer evening. We were doing what I imagine folks have done for centuries. Small talk, acapella singing with three part harmonies and making up hypothetical tales. One of those tales has gone down in the annals of history and can be summed up in a phrase and a gesture.
My pal Lyle is a down-home, can-do, can fix anything, make anything, all around amazingly quirky guy. Many times when he opens his mouth, the words that come out catch me completely off guard. This particular evening, the topic of my dating life (or lack thereof) came up. It’s not a new topic, so nowadays when it comes up, I just go with the flow. I haven’t tried online dating, nor am I particularly interested in it. Then Lyle spoke up. Lyle and his wife Julie both grew up in rural Nebraska. Lyle said that they could get me a man “just like that” if I’d cross the Nebraska border. He snapped at the peak of the word “that.” I haven’t tested this theory, but according to Lyle, things could happen just. like. that. *snap*
If Lyle says it, it must be true.

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