oh the places parm shouldn’t go.

Sometimes, I feel like the world would be a better place if everything revolved around pizza. Especially with a healthy dose of parmesan cheese. This theory hasn’t proved me wrong except for one time.

It was a family vacation week. My immediate family, Grandma and Grandpa Wells, and the Swing family were in the Colorado mountains enjoying shredding the slopes. We had taken a break for lunch at the lodge at the top of Breckenridge’s peak 9. I ordered a large slice of pizza, which of course, needs parmesan cheese. The cheese wasn’t coming out of the container fast enough. I did what every parmesan lover does. I took the lid off and tried to pour. But as always happens when the lid is off, a huge mass of parmesan came tumbling out of the container and made a sizeable hill on my pizza slice. At this point, I was committed. I leveled out the hill into an even layer all over my pizza (no actual pizza was visible under the cheese covering), and proceeded to dive right in.

Part of being alive is consistently breathing. We all know this to be true. The problem comes when an exhale is needed and it’s a hard option either way – instinct took over and I breathed out through my nose as I took a bite.

A mini snow storm erupted, throwing small bits of parmesan cheese everywhere – a large amount of which landed in my eyes. My family, ever filled with compassion and a hunger for a chuckle, erupted in laughter. All while asking me if I’m ok, of course. From that moment on, I have a new respect for the power of parmesan cheese.

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