throwback: chickies and nuts.

The following story is an excerpt from the weekly series I wrote every week during my first few years of college. The things to know: 1. Janine is my sister. 2. She was dating Caleb at that point, and 3. now they’re married. 4. I have a chin that we call a “butt-chin” in my family. 5. Hannah was my neighbor in the dorms and is still a friend! 6. 3D was the college ministry at the church we went to at that time. Enjoy the writing of college-age Joy – ever egged on by competition.


The cup that did it all. Grr…

6) Chickies and nuts.
After dinner, we decided to go to Caleb’s apartment to watch Amazing Grace. While we were gathering in the fishbowl, Janine noticed something weird on my chin. We couldn’t figure out where the heck it came from! After a process of elimination, we concluded that I gave myself a hickey on my chin by sucking on the styrofoam cup. It has now been lovingly dubbed a “chickie.” It starts in the “hole” of my butt-chin, then goes down, turns into a Y, and follows the curvature of my chin bone and ends about 3″ later. Thankfully, this chickie is almost gone.

I got back from the movie, and almost right away, Hannah wanted to know what the thing was on my neck. I refused to tell her….okay it was more like delaying telling her, but still. I refused.
When she finally pried it out of me, she laughed. Not just a little hehe laugh, but a BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, let’s collapse and roll on the floor with laughter, laugh. Of course, this meant that I had to tell the girls in Hannah’s room too…
Oh the joys of a chickie.

Then, Saturday morning, I went to the 3D leader’s meeting for the upcoming dodgeball tournament on Tuesday. Afterward, I was fencing with Amanda using empty plastic water bottles. I jousted hers out of her hand, then picked it up in triumph. I then proceeded to throw one of them at Rebekah, who usually throws them at me. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Jonathan Day starting to come towards me. Without looking to aim, I threw it at him. Guess where it landed. yep.
That one spot that second graders are forbidden to speak of. Jon collapsed. I felt bad. I left.
I apologize, Jonathan. It wasn’t supposed to happen.

So yes. I made a fool of myself twice in a 24 hour period.

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