oversaved baseball.

I didn’t grow up in a pro-sports home. The only time we watched it was on Sunday afternoons – and it was background noise for naps at that point. When I moved into the Swing house in 2011, I was quickly plunged into the world of sports. One of the things I remember learning that blew my mind was the concept of a sacrifice bunt. It didn’t make sense to me, especially considering that any time I’d watched a baseball game to this point, I was mostly eating peanuts or socializing with those around me.

If you’ve known me for a while, you know that I am a learner. I love to understand. I love to see patterns. When I learn a concept, I love being able to identify it next time it comes around.
One of the next times I was watching the Cubs with Uncle Tom, Aunt Sharon, and Matt, I saw it. I was so excited with my discovery! I asked loudly, “Isn’t that it? The sacrificial bunt?” The Swings started laughing amidst their affirmations. I was close…but not all the way there. Years of church attendance had fused with my new baseball knowledge, bringing about the tale of the sacrificial bunt.

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