songs from the trunk.

Driving Age
For those of you that know both my sister and me, you are well aware of how different we are in so many ways. One of those stood out dramatically when we both came of driving age. My sister is amazingly book smart – quick to find mental ties between things, quick to learn, has a deep love for creating. I love to do things with my hands, learn, and explore. When it came time for my sister to start driving, we buckled in for the long haul. Mom, Janine, and I spent many many hours in parking lots helping Janine find confidence. Okay, let’s be real. Mom helped. I played my role of the little sister a little too well.

Mom has been known for being an incredibly patient teacher – especially in her days of being a flight instructor. She could take the hardest student and patiently find ways to help them be successful. I, on the other hand, still struggle with cultivating patience. I’ve taken a few steps towards growth on this, but it isn’t a strength.

Imagine this. Mom, Janine, and I in parking lots for hours. Janine – panicking about driving a death machine. Mom – patiently coaching Janine. Me – laying in the trunk of the van reading books. But oh no – I didn’t just read books quietly. That would be too expected. What did I do? I loudly sang Blessed Assurance.

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine
Oh what a foretaste of glory divine
Heir of salvation, purchase of God
Born of His spirit, washed in His blood.

The good news – Janine found confidence and is now an amazing driver. It took her a while to find her bearings, but she is ever so successful. So…if I start singing this while in the car with you, it may be a hint.

  1. Hahahaha I’m loving these recounts. 🙂


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