the land of chocolate milk.

I had my priorities pretty straight as a kid. Sleep often, eat well, and scream frequently – just for good measure. But my mother was also very thoughtful when it came to what we ate and drank. Admittedly so, I got a little out of hand when too much sugar was in my system. For example: I was banned as a small child from eating fruit loops because it had hyperactive properties when mingled with my innards. 
Anyways. Since Janine and I were homeschooled, we didn’t have a lot of experience with cafeterias and how they work. When it came time for Janine to start looking into colleges, mom, Janine, and I trekked out for visits. I am not much of a forward thinker when it comes to long term planning. Change is scary for me – the thought of my sister leaving for school was overwhelming. So, while we were visiting colleges, I based my opinion of the organization solely on the quality of the food. We took a trek to the Chicago suburbs to visit Trinity University and Wheaton College, which I was pretty excited about for a few reasons. First, we got to visit aunt Sharon and Uncle Tom. Second, at that point, Trinity was known for its first rate cafeteria food. I endured the tour because I knew the glory that was coming once lunchtime hit. All I heard during the tours consisted of the following: “Blah blah blah buildings. So and so sponsored the building, so their name is on it. And here you’ll see…wah wah wah waaaaah wahhhhh…” 

Finally, the time came. We entered the cafeteria of glory. I am pretty sure all of heaven opened up, the choirs began to sing, and shafts of light shone down on the lines and lines of options available in front of me. I. Was. In. Love. Imagine with me – I am walking along, taking in the glorious sights and smells of the cafeteria while a happy tune such as “The Blue Danube” plays softly in the background. Then, I saw it. A dispenser full of CHOCOLATE MILK. I walked over, got a glass, and pulled on the knob. This was going to be the largest moment of pure ecstasy in my young middle school life. But…..nothing came out. I redoubled my efforts and pulled down on the knob again. In frustration, I stood there and stared. Next thing I know, an angel sent from the Lord came to my assistance. Turns out that milk handles are supposed to be pushed up instead of pulled down. My life had been changed. Chocolate milk flowed freely – with potential of refills. Neither of us ended up selecting Trinity as our school of choice, but that college visit changed my life. 

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