adventures in radio land.

Disclaimer: This post is going to expose a beautiful nerdy streak that my sister and I both share. Prepare yourself.

When Janine and I were old enough to stay home solo when mom and dad went out, we’d more often than not entertain ourselves in a simple way. We’d grab a game from the basement, usually backgammon, aggravation or Yahtzee, sit on the plaid couch in the main floor living room, and play games while listening to our favorite radio show, Adventures in Odyssey. It was on every weeknight on 88.5 at 7. Before it was Woodrow Kroll, who always called his listeners “friends”, which bothered me because he didn’t know me.


For years, listening to Adventures in Odyssey was a staple for Janine and me. Every so often, mom and dad would come back early, only to be met by unhappy protests from us because our listening space was now interrupted. 88.5 would broadcast the more intense series on Saturday mornings, and I’d usually listen while mowing the lawn.

Just last week, I was talking to Janine on the phone. Suddenly, her voice was loaded with excitement. Here’s how the convo went down:

Janine: “Joy. Guess what I just did?”
Joy: “What’d you just do?”
Janine: “I just got the Adventures in Odyssey monthly membership! I can now listen to all of them and introduce the girls to them!”
*Cue both of us squealing with delight*

So, since that day, we both have been entertaining our younger inner selves listening to the opening music roll…Chris telling us hello and welcoming us to Odyssey, and hearing adventure after adventure unfold.

Confession of my own. I’ve been listening to the Novacom series from forever ago. It actually infiltrated my dreams the other day. I had a stress dream about people trying to find me to steal the hard drive of research that I stole because bad people were going to use it for bad things…

All of that being said, if you haven’t heard Odyssey before, take some time to slow down and enter into the world of Focus on the Family’s radio dramas. Suspend judgment of your current aged self and enjoy the wonder of imagination.

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