is this real?

I came from a family that has an appreciation for routine. We did things in an order most of the time. That kept things moving but also kept things predictable. Except for this one night. Mom, Dad, Janine, and I were sitting downstairs in the basement enjoying some downtime watching TV together. In the middle of whatever show we were watching, an ad for Pizza Hut came on.

Remember when I said we had an appreciation for routine? We didn’t often deviate from that.

So. Pizza Hut ad came on.

The advertising was compelling. A conversation broke out among the four of us. Oh man. Stuffed crust sounds amazing. I’m hungry. Are you hungry? I could go for some pizza.
Out of the blue…the literal “wait what?” blue, Dad says, “Well. Let’s go to Pizza Hut!” We started glancing at each other, sharing non-verbal glances, questioning the legitimacy of what we just heard come out of Dad’s mouth. Then Dad got up and started walking upstairs. We played along, expecting the “haha psych!” to come at any moment. Shoes made it onto our feet. We moved towards the garage. We got into the car. It all felt so surreal.

Can this really be happening? Is this real life?

I was so sure that at any moment, the hope of televised stuffed crust becoming reality was going to be vaporized. But yet, the garage door opened. Dad started the car. We started down the street. He drove us towards Pizza Hut.
The reality didn’t set in until we actually walked into the restaurant. This. Was. Real. We were in shock – speechless and in awe.
I still have a soft spot in my heart for stuffed crust and the memory of the day that advertising worked.

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