I’m a creator.

I’ve been told that there’s more efficiency, laughter, and curiosity when I’m around. I see the world through a lens that loves to create order. I strive to not only do a good job, but craft processes and systems that get us from here to there at a sustainable pace while remembering and maintaining the humanity of the team. I love coming alongside others, learning more about who they are on the journey of project completion. I tell stories – I am an active podcaster, I lead a table at a local Recovery group, and I thrive when I’m able to ask questions and learn more about those around me. I build connection, places of belonging, and am an active positive culture contributor.

I love to learn. I am a Swiss Army Knife of abilities. I’ve led large teams of volunteers, project managed large-scale events with minimal budgets, and I am a multi-level thinker – able to span the gap between strategy and execution. I love building things – teams, events, projects, systems, climbing walls, LEGO sets. I love refining processes – sourdough baking, to project execution templates, and quickly learning software to help someone fix an issue. I grew up around computers and have a natural knack for quickly understanding software.

My ideal working environment is one that thrives on collaboration, creativity, continual curiosity, and that builds into and values employees as growing humans. If you’re looking for a solid, ever-learning and growing human to join your team, I’m it. Pick me.

Things I do.

Broadcast Video Execution: camera operation (handheld, tripod-based, steadicam and jib), directing
Church production – ProPresenter 6, Planning Center Online, process management, and service/event management

3D Drafting in SketchUp
Bringing order to chaos
Making work fun
Team building
Asking Questions

PAST Experiences

Integration Administrator | Amplio Systems


Led travel booking and hotel relationships for project staff. Managed internship program development and integration task standardization processes. Spearheaded staff interpersonal communication development.

Live Video Producer | Willow Creek Church


Organized graphics and lyric packages and prepared production crew rundowns for weekly evening services. Developed and maintained video crews of 20+ individuals. Trained staff members and volunteers  in efficient use of ProPresenter graphics presentation software and Planning Center Online event and volunteer management system.

Production Systems Engineer | Willow Creek Church


Crafted SketchUp renderings of current construction spaces for efficient pre-visualization and placement of production gear. Coordinated help desk ticket flow and oversaw gear requests. Created training documentation for technical gear used weekly by volunteers.

Technical Director | Willow Creek Community Church


Directed live production operations and managed rotating volunteer production crews of 30+ for weekly services and events. Trained and project managed all technical production crews and requirements for 1500+ attendance offsite weekend events. Designed and installed scenic backgrounds for auditorium spaces.

Let’s make something together.

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